Ever wonder what the difference is between a cappuccino and a latte? I mean, they both are just milk and expresso, right? Well, almost. Here's the bottom line - if you prefer a stronger coffee taste, go for the cappuccinno. Without extra flavor syrup, both have a bold coffee flavor, but the difference is - drum 住商婚禮顧問公司roll, please - foam. Yes, foam or, otherwise known as, froth. A cappuccino has expresso, a little milk and the rest is milk froth, while a latte is made from the opposite. It has expresso and a little milk froth, but the majority is steamed milk.
  ——Heather Pfessd固態硬碟壽命iffer
  卡布奇諾 固態硬碟優點VS.拿鐵
  你曾好奇卡布奇諾和拿鐵的區別嗎?我的意思是,它們都只含有牛奶和濃縮咖啡,對嗎?好吧,差不多是這樣。如果你更喜歡較重的咖啡味-選擇底線是,卡布奇諾。不另外添加糖漿,它們都有強烈的咖啡口味,但不同的是,請特別註意啦,是奶泡。是的,膠原蛋白奶泡,或者另一種說法froth泡沫。一杯卡布奇諾含有濃縮咖啡,一點牛奶以及剩下的奶泡,然而拿鐵則是相反。它含有濃縮咖啡以及少許的奶泡,而大部分是蒸汽加熱過的牛奶。  (原標題:Cappuccino vs. Latte)
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